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Baylee & Aziz Couples Portraits + Family

Baylee and Aziz reached out to schedule a couple of portrait sessions including their dog Mickey. Mikey is getting older, he is now 6, and they wanted to capture this time with him while he is still full of energy. Baylee also wanted for half of the session to add in her mother and brother. This was an hour-long photoshoot at sunset. This sunset was perfect this day. There was a soft light from the clouds and we couldn't have asked for better. We did this session at Howe Farms on July 26th from 7:35 to 8:35.

The session began with Baylee and Aziz in their dog mom and dad shirts which I love. Mickey was rocking a tough guy's bandana. Mickey did wonderful the whole session and loved all the treats, love, and attention he received.

Halfway through the session, we were joined by Baylee's mom and brother. Baylee and Aziz changed outfits to match the style of her mother and brother. Their color scheme and outfits were so beautiful!



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