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BTS Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wedding

This day will always go down in history as be an amazing day for me. I loved shooting this beautiful wedding day and I thank my husband for the behind-the-scenes photos I will be sharing with you! Stephen and Emerald got married on October 30th and we did their beautiful wedding portraits at Universal Studios in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In this blog post, I will give tips for photographers and tips for couples who want to plan a super special day just like this one!

Stephen and Emerald handled receiving permission from Universal Studios Orlando for me to be able to photograph them in wedding attire in the park. They said this process was super simple and easy but we had the email with us just in case any issues arose which they did not.

Unfortunately, we did get a later start than intended for these portraits but no worries because they all came out beautiful. This was also on a Saturday and a holiday weekend. This all lead to the park being very crowded. I would suggest anyone wanting to experience an amazing day like this plan a weekday morning session. Right as the park opens on a weekday.

My husband and I went to the park the day before on Friday the 29th and the park had drastically fewer people.

As with any public location for a wedding, it is to be expected that you will get a lot of attention as the bride and groom. Many people hooted and congratulated Stephen and Emerald and it really did make the day fun. Their wedding day was special and unique who wouldn't want that to be celebrated!

Theme Park Wedding Photography Tips!

The first thing to know is that not all theme parks allow photography or wedding attire. Universal Studios Orlando has a rule against people saying their "I Dos" actually inside the park but there was no problem with us coming there after their ceremony for portraits

Bring/buy snacks and water before you begin shooting. This took up some time while we are shooting and we were all very hungry. Since there was no typical reception and we got a very early start this day the couple had not eaten. Shooting around the park since it was so busy was already difficult to get around the park and find photo spots the added hunger and thirst did not help. We were able to get everyone's waters.

Only wear one camera. This day, in particular, was SUPER busy. Shoulder to shoulder type of busy. I had on my 24-70mm 2.8 and still had a hard time getting full body shots because there was no room. Having my dual harness on would have been difficult and unnecessary. People would have been hitting my cameras and it would have made it so hard for me to get around the crowds. My husband was wearing my 2nd camera with my 50mm 1.8 on taking BTS shots just in case something did happen to my camera I could switch with him quickly. I always encourage having a backup camera, especially on wedding days. Technology fails and it is always best to have a backup. Both of my cameras shoot with 2 SD cards per camera, recording a backup of every shot I take because technology fails. I would hate to have an SD card corrupt and it is my only copy.

Tips for Couples

Who want a Universal Wedding

This first part will be about setting up for the wedding day for success from step one. The Date! Remember that this is in Florida. It is hot in the summer. Getting up to 100 or more degrees in the summer. This type of wedding is best for fall, winter, or spring, You will also have fewer visitors. Parks often see their peak in visitors during the summer months (after kids get out of school in May and before they go back in August).

The next thing to consider is the day of the week. Weekdays are the best time as there are fewer visitors during the week. When it is not a touristy time to visit. Most of the local people will be at work.

A big thing to consider is also the time of day. Get to the park as soon as it opens and head to your most desired shooting spot. This was because there are fewer crowds, the lighting is better, and if it is going to get warm that day the temperature is down. Also as soon as you are done shooting you have the rest of the day to have fun at the park!

What tickets to get? Get everyone 2 park tickets. If you are there for Harry Potter you can ride the Hogwarts Express to the other side of the park, it is a wonderful experience and time to sit and take a break.

Food and drinks. Universal does not allow for outside beverages to be brought in. Remember this. Try to drink and hydrate before you get there and grab a drink as soon as you get in. This way you can eliminate the number of stops.

My Final Thoughts

I look forward to having this experience again in the future. I had such a wonderful time and so did Stephen and Emerald. This was the best day if my photography career and I am so thankful they chose me to capture these special moments! If you want more details about their day I have two other blog posts covering their ceremony at the Disney Coronado Springs Resorts and their Portraits at Universal studios!

Thank you so much to the Garcias and I wish you well in

your journey through life together!



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