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Lexi and Brad - Engagement Photos

Hi everyone! This is my first blog post so we will see how this goes! For my blog I plan to share photos, fun stories, and the timeline of the photoshoot I am writing about.

Today I am going to be talking about Lexi and Brad's engagement photos and to this day I think this is my favorite photoshoot I have ever done, side note if I say that exact thing about several photoshoots I am sorry but i mean it each time.


Lexi and Brad reached out to me because they needed a photographer to cover their wedding reception (the inhouse photographer for their venue did not cover this). I said of course and we got their down payment paid and their contract signed. Now all of my wedding packages 4 hours or more include an inclusive engagement package and that's why we are here today. Originally this shoot was supposed to take place July 26th but due to rain we had to reschedule. We had a great time, not, finding a location for this shoot. Lexi wanted somewhere with mountains in the back but a lot of the over look places, like sunset rock, were closed. We settled on the Hunter Art Museum in Chattanooga and Barn at High Points Farm in Flintstone Ga, these locations were not a "settle" at all and are GORGEOUS.

Day of the Shoot (Location 1)

We ended up shooting on August 9th which was a Sunday. We started at the Hunter Art Museum where Lexi rocked a GORGEOUS red dress and Brad looked spiffy in his button up green shirt. This couple did a great job with choosing their outfits. We walked around the Hunter, went to the bridge and then headed back to the car for our next location.

Day of the shoot (Location 2)

The second location we went to was Barn at High Point Farms. I recently came across this wedding venue and it is gorgeous for both your wedding day and portrait sessions. There is a small fee to shoot here, $25 an hour, but it is worth it for what you get. Brad rocked the classic white shirt and genes and Lexi had a beautiful maxi dress and stretchy white top. Lexi wanted a location with mountains in the background and this location has a gorgeous field with the georgia mountains showing in the back! This venue also has a beautiful little green house, tons of flowers, a cute little red barn with vines all over and more!



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