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So, You Want to Propose? Surprise Proposal Tips and Tricks!

This Can Be Scary.

You have met the love of your life and after dating them you have decided to spend the rest of your life with them. That is so exciting. I am going to keep this blog post straight to the point so we can get to planning. This is how to plan a surprise proposal.

Picking a Location.. or Locations?

Location is important. You have two options for this. 1. choose a location you frequent so that she is not suspicious. 2. choose a specials location that you want to take her to (such as a beautiful location for photos). So why is this title say "locations". You need a rain plan. Rain happens and if your plan is to hike and propose at an overlook you may need a plan b as that may be dangerous and not ideal in the rain. Possibly a beautiful restaurant, a great downtown location with roofed areas, etc. Have a plan A and B.

How to "Hide It".

There are several ways to "hide" your proposal. Here are two options to tell your soon-to-be fiancé so she is ready for the shoot and doesn't expect the proposal.

  1. Have a family member or you set up some "family photos"/couples sessions. If your not the type of guy to schedule a photoshoot the family photoshoot is a great idea. This will also give her a chance to have her hair, makeup, and nails done for the event.

  2. Plan a dinner afterward. Tell her you to know if this really pretty spot, you want to go to that spot that you love to visit, or have been wanting to visit, You will go to that spot and then head to dinner (with this plan make sure it's not a long hike where she will not want to wear a nice outfit she may want to wear to dinner.

How to Capture It!

The first step is to contact a photographer. If you are looking for one I happen to know a photographer who would love to (it's me if you didn't catch on)! There is one rule I have about photographing proposals, especially in the Georgia Tennessee areas. I will not hide in bushes. Now, this is such as classic move why would I not do this? This is because it is not safe for you and may scare your fiancé and ruin the moment. Hiding in bushes can lead to snake bites, upsetting wildlife, spider bites, ticks (that carry lime disease in my area), also if your fiancé sees me by chance or hears me this could scare her and ruin the moment. These days women are often on high alert from predators and this would be something that would be very scary to anyone but especially women. I do a few different things to ensure I am there and can capture this moment.

  1. I will be there "already to a session" when you show up. I will most likely bring someone with me and when you show up to the spot appears like I am doing a session nearby. This is a good approach as it will not make it seem strange a photographer is there as they are just working.

  2. Another option is to look like any tourist or casual street/nature photographer. This will entail will not look professional. I will wear jeans and a normal T-shirt and be taking photos of nature and like a casual tourist. Not looking like a professional may make your fiancé think I am nothing more than someone else enjoying the area.

Let's Plan!

You have my tips and tricks! I hope these tips will help you to plan a surprise proposal for your girlfriend! One thing to remember is that women are smart. Women have intuition and they may suspect something but it is important to remember that it is the moment and action that are most important not that she had no idea at all that it was coming. She will still be happy and excited even if she suspects her perfect moment is coming up.



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