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Mentor Sessions

Want to learn more about photography from a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer?

Good thing you have found your way here!

I offer very informational and affordable mentor sessions for you to be able to learn about photography! 

Each session will cover as much of the listed information under each session as possible!

Want to save money? Check out the package that includes all available sessions at a discounted price!

Available in the Chattanooga TN area. 

Option 1- Let's Talk

  • This is a one-hour session

  • Conducted through video chat/phone call

  • Come to the session with questions and I will share my knowledge!

  • We will cover how to price yourself starting out, how I price myself, contract talk, how to

prepare for your photoshoot, editing programs I use, how I make my advertisements and logo,

how to market and find clients!

  • Will cover as much as time allows!

  • $60 for this mentor session!


Option 2- Let's Go Out

  • Want to learn how to successfully conduct a photoshoot?

  • We will discuss what type of session you would like to shoot.

  • I will plan the shoot and the following will occur!

  • 45 minutes - 1-hour photoshoot

  • During the session, we will cover how to make clients feel comfortable, posing tips for

the client, how to work with different types of natural lighting, how to shoot in the given

environment, and other information to conduct a photoshoot!

  • Remember to bring your camera as you will be shooting too!

  • $100 + travel & model fees for this mentor session!



Option 3- Let’s Get Technical

  • 1-hour coffee shop meet up.

  • We will cover lightroom editing, website building, logo and advertisement

making (more in-depth than option #1), social media structure and posting. We will go in-depth

into these topics!

  • It is best to bring a laptop to this session.

  • $70 for this mentor session



Option 4- Best Of All Worlds

  • This is a full package!

  • Want to learn all the sides of the photography world? Did all of the sessions sound like they would be perfect for you? Well this package is for you! With this package, you get all 3 options at a discounted price! There is no change to the options when booking them as a package. It will still be conducted in the 3 different ways as listed under each option!

  • $300 + travel & model fees for a photoshoot for this mentoring package!


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