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Wedding Packages

Local or far away, classic or custom, I will find a package that is right for you. If you are unsure of what package you need please reach out to me and I will walk you through the process. I can not wait to hear from you!


LOCAL WEDDING PACKAGES Chattanooga TN (and surrounding areas) Weddings. Custom packages are avalible. If you are not sure if your wedding day is considered a local wedding reach out to me for additional details. COLLABORATING VENDOR PACKAGES Here you will also find packages with other local vendors as a "one stop shop" option for booking! Click "go to link" below".


DESTINATION/ CUSTOM WEDDING PACKAGES Destination Weddings are any wedding that is not in my local area (EX: Orlando FL). These packages are also custom. If you are not sure if your wedding needs a cutom package due to location or any other reason reach out to me! Click "go to link" below".


DISNEY & UNIVERSAL STUDIOS WEDDING PACKAGES Theme parks and special location weddings are my bread and butter. These weddings have another level of magic added to the day. These weddings hold a special place in my heart and would love to connect with you on bring apart of this special day! Click "go to link" below".

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